Haylee Muse

Meet Haylee

Hello. My name is Haylee, and here are a few things about me.


I have a cat and a dog. Hiccup is an eight-year-old Russian Blue female, and Rem is a six-year-old Schnauzer/Mini Australian Shepherd mix.

Time in Veterinary Medicine

I have been in veterinary medicine for the past eight years.

Hobbies & Interests

My hobby is travel. I love to experience new places and people. I also enjoy hiking and being outside in the warm weather.

What I Love about Veterinary Medicine

I have a passion for pain management and anesthesia and look for the best possible practices to provide to my patients. I love to see my patients’ healing progression and getting them back to their happy selves.

Getting through Difficult Times in Veterinary Medicine

I love that I can provide relief and support to patients and their owners through stressful times. The best thing is having patients leave 1000 times better than when they came in.