Abigail Graham

Meet Abi

Hello. My name is Abi, and here are a few things about me.


I have two very spoiled fur babies who are both Lab mixes. My family has a tradition of naming pets after your favorite characters, so one is named Luke Skywalker, and the other is Miles Morales. They love to play fetch all day long, especially Miles. He has an “emotional support” ball that he carries around all day, every day, even when we go on walks. Luke is my lazy boy who enjoys snuggles and tv show marathons.

Time in Veterinary Medicine

I have been in vet med for almost three years. I started at a doggie daycare but soon fell in love with the medical side of taking care of animals, so I switched to veterinary assistant.

Hobbies & Interests

Outside of work, I love to read and crochet. My friends like to call me a “young grandma” because I spent most of my time making blankets and scarves for my loved ones.

What I Love about Veterinary Medicine

The greatest thing about veterinary medicine for me is that it is a hands-on way I can help animals and my community. Whenever I help treat an animal, I see firsthand how it positively impacts both the pet and the owners. Making other people’s and pets’ lives better is the best reward you can receive while working. Plus, the puppy snuggles are a big bonus!

Getting through Difficult Times in Veterinary Medicine

The most important thing I have learned about handling challenging situations is communicating with my coworkers and never being scared to ask for help. I know I can depend on the people around me if I don’t have the answer to something or need extra help, and vice versa.